Kansas City Jazz and Heritage Festival > 3:15 pm > Langston and Prototype

Langston and Prototype

May 26, 2017
3:15 pm - 4:15 pm

KC Showcase Stage

Langston and Prototype

Langston and Prototype

Lee Langston (better known by his stage name “Langston”) is a multi-genre soul music crooner based out of Kansas City, well known for the musical productions that have been featured at various venues under his company Langston’s Hues Entertainment. As a songwriter, this soulful tenor is creating some of the most ambitious R&B of the day. With his upcoming material, he is helping to revive the concept of the true R&B auteur by expressing individual style. Appealing to a wide demographic, the fusion of Soul, Pop, R&B & Jazz has been well received by numerous audiences young and old alike. No matter if it is a show for his cover band “Langston & Prototype” or the quarterly “Langston’s Hues Tribute Series” that pays homage to well known national artists, the quality of each production has been consistent.



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