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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Panel

May 28, 2017
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Gem Theater

Mimi Faust, Ariane Davis

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Panel

A panel and Q&A with members of the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Stars in person: Mimi Faust and Ariane Davis

The sixth installment of the #1 cable reality series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is back and the cups of sweet tea runneth over! Returning vets and newcomers alike are bringing the drama like never before!

Although Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J have officially called it quits, a pregnant Joseline may forever be linked to Stevie and Mimi Faust if the baby she’s carrying turns out to be Stevie’s. Mimi has vowed to keep her distance from the Puerto Rican Princess. But what will happen when and if her nemesis gives birth to Eva’s little sister? Will this blended family be able to come together to raise a child in a family that doesn’t always get along?

Kirk and Rasheeda are back, but a bit of frost has settled on the idyllic union. It seems Mr. Frost may have strayed…yet again, but this time there may be irrefutable proof in the form of a perfect, little human being. Jasmine Washington, Kirk’s alleged mistress, is claiming he is the father to her newborn son and has the receipts to prove it. Is Jasmine telling the truth? And if so, will the Frosts be able to endure the scandal and push past the devastating effects on their marriage?

Fan favorite Tommie Lee is back with a bang! After a tumultuous year, Tommie is on a quest for legitimacy. She’s redirected her energy into crafting new music and is steadily working on expanding her #tommieshit empire! However, Joseline has managed to disrupt her newfound peace by serving her with a restraining order, pulling Tommie back into the mess. And while Tommie is all about focusing on self, she still has a reserve of petty. Will Tommie’s glow up be compromised by vengeance?

Mimi has a new gaggle of gal pals this season, veteran cast member Karlie Redd, trusted bestie Ariane Davis, and newcomer Melissa Scott. Melissa is also close with Joseline, and has been by her side through the pregnancy in the absence of Stevie. Will Melissa remain Mimi’s trusted confidante? Or will divided allegiances, infighting, and rumors of secret smashing threaten this close-knit circle of friends.

Karlie and Joc have rekindled an old flame! The dynamic duo has decided to give it another go, but first there has to be some major apologies made. Will the stubborn couple be able to put the past behind them to make room for a future?

After months of sordid speculation and separation, Tammy and Waka are backā€¦ but not together. Tammy has moved into a new home and Waka does not have the key! Much work has to be done to woo back his wife, but has the ship already sailed? Has too much damage been done to mend Tammy’s broken heart? Will Waka do whatever it takes to win back his family?

Will Scrappy and Bambi make it to “I do”? If Momma Dee has anything to do with it they will. But while Momma Dee champions her son’s marriage, her own may be on the rocks. Will Momma Dee and Ernest end in divorce court for the second time?

Instagram superstar Lovely Mimi joins the cast bringing her larger than life personality. A young boss by the name of Sierra Gates also joins, but there may not be room for the both of them in the Atlanta beauty scene. When tensions flare, Sierra’s trusted assistant Moriah Lee tries to referee. But, Moriah has a secret of her own which could bring down Sierra’s empire. Will the ladies rise above the petty to get to profits? Or will spurious secrets sabotage the quest for coins?

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